• Magnusterrenum

    Hello. I am currently writing a book series, and I have been looking for different places to advertize it .If anyone thinks they might be interested here's the link to the website,

    The books take place in a land called Magnus Terrenum. The series is titled Terra Volsunga, which is a country there. For a basic summary, a boy named Sigmund (17 years) pulls a mystical sword from a tree. Sigmund is the second oldest son of Volsung, the king of Terra Volsunga. He has four brothers called Aritak, Alf, Edar, and Varin, and one sister named Ithera. Ithera married Veargith, the king of Gautland (another country). It is at the wedding celebration that lasted for three days after the wedding that Sigmund gets the sword. A f…

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